Invasive Weeds

Weeds are destructive - displacing & threatening native species & transforming ecosystems. They also have significant impact on agriculture & are among the greatest threats now facing temperate Australia.

At Yarramine, we use combinations of manual, mechanical and chemical weed control methods to provide comprehensive weed control solutions at industrial areas, farms, plantations, mine sites and in natural areas for both corporate, government agency and private landholders. 

We have experienced, qualified and fully licensed technicians, who will be able to advise on the best methods of weed control and herbicide application to meet client needs.  2-hour, half hour and full day rates are available as well as regular maintenance programs to ensure weeds are controlled all year round.


Invasive Weed Services

  • Foliar & Spot Spraying using a 450L Twin 150m Remote Reel Spray Unit
  • Boom Spraying & Wick Wiping
  • Roadside & Firebreak Spraying
  • Slashing, Brushcutting & Chainsaw Services
  • Cut & Paint, Stem Injection, Splatter Gun
  • Certified Weed & Seed Hygiene Inspections
  • Remnant Vegetation Notification
  • Weed Surveys & Management Plans
  • Compliance Treatment Programs

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