Assessing biodiversity impacts & addressing these is often a crucial component for development & infrastructure projects.

At Yarramine, our ecologists bring a wealth of experience and skills to our comprehensive offering of ecology services.  Clients from all sectors work with us to gain environmental planning consent and manage the impacts of developments and their infrastructure projects on species and their habitats.

We provide a full range of ecology services, from Ecological Due Diligence Assessments and Ecological Impact Assessments though to Koala Habitat Impact Assessments, Protected Plant Surveys, Species Management Plans, Tree Surveys and wildlife friendly design.

Out assessments and investigations focus on providing baseline information on a site’s existing ecological values, identify opportunities and constraints, and provide a practical approach to the application of state and federal government legislation and environmental policy.

Ecology Services

  • Flora & Fauna Surveys
  • Targeted Fauna Surveys (including use of Elliott, pitfall, funnel, hair tube, harp and camera traps, ultrasonic bat call detection, call playback and spotlighting)
  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Fauna Habitat Assessments & Management Plans
  • Remnant & High Value Regrwoth Surveys
  • Protected Plant Surveys
  • Koala Habitat Cleearing Assessments & Management Plans
  • Property Maps of Assessbale Vegetation
  • Weed & Pest Surveys
  • Tree Retention Surveys
  • Biodiversity Offset Identification, Assessment & Management
  • Spotter Catcher Services
  • Conservation Signifigant Species Assessment & Monitoring
  • GIS Mapping & Analysis

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