Contaminated Land

Contaminated sites can be a serious human health & environmental issue & can have major economic, legal & planning implications for landowners.

Yarramine can manage all sides of contaminated land management from first site evaluation to investigation, remediation, and validation.  Out most common undertakings are Contaminated Land Due Diligence Investigations associated with land sales and leases of former industrial sites and Preliminary Site Investigations.  These types of investigations involve in depth assessment of the site history, environmental setting, and potential contaminating activities and often involve a limited sampling program.

Where a preliminary investigation determines the site presents a minimal risk, then in most cases no further work is needed but, in some cases, further work to delineate the extent of contamination may be needed.  This is known as a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI).  A DSI further refines the work undertaking during the PSI and involves conducting environmental sampling and analysis of contaminant affected media, including soil, surface water, groundwater, dust and air, and determines if site remediation is required. 

If the site is contaminated and presents an unacceptable risk, a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is often needed to provide the client and regulators with workable options to make the site suitable for development.  The final stage in contamination assessment involves Site Validation.  Validation ensures the aims of the RAP have been achieved and this is done by sampling and in some cases, ongoing monitoring.


Contaminated Land Services

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Preliminary Site Investigations
  • Soil Surface & Groundwater Testing
  • Soil Vapour Monitoring
  • Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Validation Sampling
  • Soil Disposal Permits
  • Regulated Waste Classification Sampling
  • Remediation Action Plans
  • Site Management Plans
  • Remediation Design & Specification
  • EMR/CLR Removal
  • Civil Earthworks & Construction Contractor Support

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