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Established in 2006, Yarramine Environmental is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting and contracting business based near Toowoomba on Queensland’s Darling Downs and servicing clients across Queensland and New South Wales.

Across technical disciplines spanning air, noise & vibration, ecology & bushfire, contaminated land as well as environmental planning, licencing & approvals, and weed and feral animal control we service a range of industries including the resources, agriculture, construction, development, and local government sectors.

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Key Consulting Services

Air & Noise

Air quality, odour & noise impacts from industrial, agricultural, mining & infrastructure projects...


Assessing biodiversity impacts & addressing these is often a crucial component for development &...

Contaminated Land

Contaminated sites can be a serious human health & environmental issue & can have major economic...

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Key Contracting Services

Feral Animal Control

Feral animals threaten native wildlife & plants by predation, competition for space, food, shelter, destroying habitat & by spreading diseases.  They also have a signifigant impact on livestock...

Invasive Weed Control

Weeds are destructive - displacing & threatening native species & transforming ecosystems.  They also have signifigant impact on agriculture & are among the greatest threats now facing...

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Yarramine Environmental works for you. We are an environmental consulting and contracting company dedicated to providing professional and practical solutions keeping you compliant and on schedule. Our goal is to provide trustworthy and knowledgeable professionals to assist with your project across Queensland and New South Wales.

We believe success can be achieved through thoughtful and strategic planning. Our team is comprised of practical minded professionals and technicians who facilitate solutions both in-field and behind the scenes to ensure you achieve success.

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