Feral Animals

Feral animals threaten native wildlife & plants by predation, competition for space, food, shelter, destroying habitat & by spreading diseases. They also have a significant impact on livestock production.

Yarramine provides a broad range of feral animal control services in urban and industrial areas, farms, plantations, mine sites and natural areas for both corporate, government agency and private landholders.  We specialise in the capture and euthanasia of animals, as well as surveying and monitoring and consulting services for advice, management plans and reports.  Half-day, full day/night and longer term rates available.

Feral Animal Services

  • Field, Thermal & Urban Shooting Operations
  • Foothold trapping targeting feral cats, foxes, wild dogs and rabbits/hares
  • Remotely activiated high volume corral trapping targetting feral horses, feral cattle, deer and feral pigs
  • Cage trapping targetting feral cats, foxes, and wild dogs
  • Remote camera surveillance in areas with and without mobile coverage
  • Pets & Farm Animal Euthanasia
  • Exclusion Fencing
  • Damage Mitigation Permits
  • GPS Collaring
  • Carcass Burial/Disposal

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