Bush Regen

Bushland regeneration involves restoring damaged native ecosystems to their natural & a self sustaining state. This is done by reducing the effect of weeds, repairing erosion & undertaking planting if needed.

Yarramine works with landholders and government agencies to manage and restore disturbed or modified bushland areas.  Our natural restoration area team are well equipped to assess a site's resilience and employ a variety of strategies and techniques to help assist natural regeneration or if needed undertake a more direct approach involving native revegetation (planting) and soil stabilisation.  To assist natural regeneration, weed control is undertaken systematically so that native plants can regenerate and take the place of weeds.  Revegetation can be a rapid way of achieving site rehabilitation - proceeding at a more accelerated and controlled rate than natural regeneration.  Ecological Restoration Plans are usually developed to guide project implementation, and are often underpinned by various types of site assessment and surveys, mapping and detail restoration strategies and techniques.  Costing for implementation of plans can also be provided, and where relevant plans can comply with the criteria of environmental regulators or meet environmental offset needs.


Bush Regeneration Services

  • Habitat Assessments & Surveys
  • Restoration Planning
  • Assissted Regeneration
  • Revegetation & Reconstruction
  • Offset Management
  • Terrestrial Weed Control
  • Erosion Control & Soil Stabilisation
  • Waterway Restoration
  • Feral Animal Control
  • Conservation Earthworks
  • Bioretention & Stormwater Basin Maintenance

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