Surface Water Monitoring
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Surface water is a vital resource found in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and other natural watercourses. The team at Yarramine Environmental are experienced in working with the client and regulatory authorities to determine the most appropriate sampling methods and analysis to gather robust data for the clients needs.  Monitoring of this precious resource is important to understand the impact of our activities and how to best manage associated risks.

Yarramine Environmental is experienced in water sampling for your requirements including:

  • Evaluation of baseline surface water quality,
  • Identification and evaluation of upstream and downstream impacts,
  • Identification of the extant, sources and transport of salt, nutrients, pesticides and other contaminants,
  • Understanding of recharge-discharge mechanism,
  • Assessment of the impact of land use changes,
  • Pollution/incident response and monitoring, and
  • Assessment of sediment ponds for the reuse of water.