Workshop Facilitation
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At Yarramine we consider facilitation as “any activity which makes easy the tasks of others.”  In organisational settings, this involves the designing and running of collaborative processes and meetings, often involving members of the community or other stakeholders.


These meetings sometimes involve contentious or ‘sensitive’ issues and our task is to ensure that all points of view are tabled, heard and responded to.  Whether you require a single  or small series of workshops to major consultation exercises, we put a lot of effort into:

  • Designing workshops that have high levels of energy, creativity and participation,
  • Continually improving a facilitation style that is responsive to the needs of all participants,
  • Understanding the environment in which your organisation operates,
  • Focussing on solutions and a way forward, rather than dwelling on problems, and
  • Ensuring that workshop participants leave with the feeling that their time was productively and enjoyably spent.


We have facilitated scores of workshops across many themes in corporate farm settings including:

  • Strategic planning - understanding and gearing up for what the future holds
  • Policy analysis and devlopment - identifying objectives and desired outcomes
  • Program and project logic - assisting teams to design major programs (or minor projects), starting with the end in mind
  • Evaluating projects - identifying what was achieved, and what can be used to improve future projects
  • Community engagement - providing real opportunities for community groups and individuals to discuss their hopes, issues and aspirations – and be heard
  • Integration and collaboration - working across organisational boundaries to identify common goals, and opportunities to achieve these together


Many of the workshops that we have facilitated have involved the production of a report, which either focuses on the workshop and its outcomes, or incorporates workshop outcomes as part of a bigger project.