Environmental Noise Impact Assessments
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Yarramine Environmental understands how environmental noise can pose health and wellbeing concerns for residents and businesses in our community.  Our staff have exceptional training and are able to work closely with our clients, regulatory bodies and policy-makers to ensure that environmental noise impacts are identified and potential solutions are addressed.

Yarramine Environmental only uses the highest quality and latest monitoring equipment to ensure accurate and robust data for analysis.  Our staff are experienced in assessing the current conditions but also possesses the practicability to delve into our client's requirements to consider future plans which might have an additional impact on environmental noise occurring from the source.

We are able to assist clients who have a singular event concern right through to those clients who have ongoing operations that require annual monitoring as part of their regulatory requirements.  Whatever your requirements our staff are knowledgeable in assisting you in providing advice and solutions.

Yarramine has extensive experience in the assessment of noise impact on residential and other noise sensitive areas in Queensland and New South Wales.  These include commercial activities such as childcare centres, transport, industrial, extractive industries, and mining related activities. We are able to provide practical solutions enabling developments to operate in complex noise sensitive environments.

 Umwelt manages noise impacts in the most cost effective way by working with our clients to identify appropriate acoustic solutions including:

  • Equipment selection;
  • Buffer distances;
  • Barriers;
  • Building design components.

Umwelt has a detailed knowledge of assessment processes, regulatory policies and objectives, as well as statutory and legislative compliance requirements. We ensure that all aspects of noise related issues are addressed.

We have developed sophisticated noise modelling techniques to enable the complex interactions between dynamic noise sources, changing meteorological conditions and sensitive areas to be assessed. Umwelt has the skills and equipment to measure, identify and quantify the impact that commercial and industrial activities have on residential and other noise sensitive areas.

As a result of our specialist knowledge of the acoustic environment, we are able to develop and implement site specific Noise Management Plans (NMP) tailored to the consent requirements of individual operations.


We provide a full range of noise control services, from noise measurement and monitoring to predictive noise impact modeling and noise mitigation design and installation. We can tailor our services to a wide variety of clients, including but not limited to those in the oil and gas, construction, and entertainment industries.



Noise studies are critical in determining practical, cost effective solutions for any application.  ENC’s engineers can develop a noise study to analyze the source of noise and its impact on the environment.  A detailed noise study includes noise modeling which enables our engineers to design custom mitigation to meet the acoustical requirements of the project.

When noise studies are completed during the early stages of a project, noise control can be incorporated into the design and schedule of the job in the most high-performance, cost-effective manner.  This proactive approach is the best way to ensure that noise control is designed and implemented efficiently, preventing any problems and cost penalties that could occur during operation.

We have developed noise studies in a range of industries such as oil & gas, mining, power generation, manufacturing, wildlife protection, real estate development and entertainment.  We have determined solutions for thousands of different equipment types including drilling rigs, compressors, pumps, generators, trucks and construction equipment.