Vegetation Management Plans
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The team at Yarramine Environmental is highly experienced in assisting our clients understan the intricacies, including regulatory and environmental, surrounding the development of a vegetation management plan for their project.  Vegetation Management Plans (VMP) are documents which address the on-going management requirements of native vegetation (trees, shrubs and groundcover) of a proposed development site.  Our approach is to conserve the natural heritage of the development site by managing and reducing the direct and cumulative impacts of the development.  The team at Yarramine Environmental do this in collaboration with you, and planning partners to achieve successful outcomes in the most cost effective and timely manner.

We help you by:

  • conducting thorough site inspections and botanical surveys,
  • using drawing and mapping tools to assess the development footprint,
  • assessing the vegetation communities within these development footprints, and
  • assessing the development with respect to local, state and federal government laws.