Land & Riparian Rehabilitation
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Yarramine Environmental understands the connection that our rivers and wetlands have to a healthy natural environment and social environment.  From providing life giving habitat to local wildlife to the connection to those in the community that live and enjoy the region our staff are able to assess the health of the area and povide you with proven management plans for rehabilitation activities.  Our goal is to restore the natural health of rivers and wetlands to ensure the sustainable health and appropriate management of the area.

How can we help you:

  • Assess the condition of the riparian vegetation,
  • Develop a management plan that sets achievable goals and selects appropriate strategies,
  • Assist in the maintainance of riparian vegetation to trap sediment and nutrients,
  • Suggest species of vegetation to replant or rehabilitate degraded areas,
  • Assist in implementing a weed and pest animal control program,
  • Assist landholder to set up a monitoring program, and
  • Assist the landholder to record wildlife occurring in the riparian zone.