Ecological Impact Assessments
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We regularly complete Ecological Impact Assessments for a variety of development types including new residential, subdivision, extractive industry, renewable energy, and road and pipeline infrastructure proposals.

Our staff have extensive experience in mapping and surveying of vegetation communities, flora and fauna habitat assessments and condition assessments.

Techniques for assessment involve:

  • mapping flora, significant plant communities and threatened plant species,
  • fauna surveys and habitat assessment. Identification of threatened fauna species or their likelihood of occurrence,
  • calculating the loss of vegetation (i.e. community types), threatened flora and fauna and their habitat,
  • consideration of direct and indirect impacts, and
  • consideration of Local, State and Commonwealth legislation.

The level of detail contained within ecological reports are site dependant and may include some or all of the following:

  • Description of the ecological features and processes of a development site and adjacent lands,
  • Assessment of the nature conservation values of these features and processes,
  • Descriptions of threatening processes evident on site,
  • Documentation of potential development impacts upon these ecological values and features, and
  • Detailed impact mitigation measures which will be undertaken to avoid or mitigate those impacts to an acceptable standard.

Our specialist team and allied professionals have a track record of delivering timely, cost-effective and reliable advice about ecology matters, and we are able to provide advice and support at all stages for a proposed development constrained by ecological matters.

We work closely with our clients and other consultants (particularly engineers/hydrologists and draw upon our bushfire, noise and air quality experience) to ensure that all potential environmental effects are considered in an integrated manner.

For further information and to discuss your ecology assessment and reporting needs please contact us on 07 4698 2335.


Ecological Impact Assessment is a process for identifying, quantifying and evaluating the potential impacts of defined actions on ecosystems or their components; and providing a scientifically defensible approach to ecosystem management. 

The team at Yarramine can carry out or provide support to all stages of an Ecological Impact Assessment, from preliminary ecological assessment to screening and scoping inputs, baseline survey, biodiversity-friendly design, mitigation and impact assessment.