Noise Management Plans
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Yarramine Environmental provides our clients with acoustic consultancy services in the assessment and management of noise from a variety of sources. Our site-specific reports present sound level measurements which have been expertly recorded and analysed, discussions on the noise criteria to be achieved, identification of suitable noise mitigation measures and recommendations for potential options to achieve the required design criteria. We accurately provide our clients with noise management plans specifically developed for their circumstances and for industrial activities where different levels of compliance may be required over time.


Projects undertaken requiring noise monitoring and assessment include:

  • Residential development affected by road, rail and aircraft noise,
  • Industrial and commercial noise control,
  • Assessment of effects from quarries, mining, and other extractive industries,
  • Occupational noise exposure (Work, Health & Safety),
  • Assessment of intrusive noise (noise that disturbs or annoys), and
  • Environmental noise management plans.