Noise, Blast & Vibration Monitoring
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Yarramine Environmental assists our clients meet their regulatory and safety obligations by providing high quality noise, blast and vibration monitoring.  Our analysis services and field equipment are suitable for a wide range of situations including but not limited to agricultural, industrial, mining and urban locations. We provide both attended and non-attended monitoring and have a range of handheld and automated equipment for short term or continuous monitoring.


Yarramine Environmental provides comprehensive reports addressing State and National Standards and statutory requirements including detailed modelling and analysis  that is reasonable and practical for our clients requirements.


  • Basic noise level checks, or spot checks,
  • Complaint investigation monitoring,
  • Longer term noise monitoring for compliance with regulatory obligations such as Environmental Authorities or Local Government regulations,
  • Predictive modelling in the approvals process for major projects,
  • Noise and vibration monitoring for blast management on mine or resource extraction sites, and
  • Noise control investigations.