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  • MATSON 6/12/24V Battery Charger

The IR61224 is your ultimate battery management device. With the simplicity of pushbutton selection, the user has full control over the charging of their battery. Change the amperage, voltage and battery chemistry with a simple touch of a button! For peace of mind, this charger will automatically adjust its output amperage to ensure the battery is protected from overcharging. The IR61224 has a microprocessor controlled 7 stage charging program. At the completion of each stage, the charger will conduct a diagnosis of the battery to ensure it has been completed correctly. This feature both extends battery life and maximises the batteries usable energy.

  • 6/12/24 Volt charger
  • 2, 10 or 20 Amp selectable on 6/12 volt, and 5,2 or 10 amp selectable on 24 volt
  • Chemistry selectable: GEL, Flooded(SLA, Deep Cycle, AGM), Calcium
  • LED display shows voltage, current (amps), battery capacity and fault diagnosis
  • 7 stage charging for optium battery conditioning and extended battery life
  • Electronic touch button controls
  • Alternator function: when selected, will indicate that the alternator is functioning correct (40%-60%)

MATSON 6/12/24V Battery Charger

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