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  • 18-60™ Flexi Pig Trap Panel*

The patented 18-60™ pig trap panel was developed during three years of trapping research by JAGER PRO and is manufactured in the United States by JAGER PRO.

This panel is 16 feet long (4876mm) using 18 horizontal (5mm diameter) rods spaced only 50mm inches apart at the bottom to hold the youngest juvenile pigs. The 60 inch height (1524mm) reduces the likelihood of adults going over the top, and is manufactured with galvanized steel before welding to help reduce future rust. The 18 horizontal bars are made of 5mm diameter heavy gauge rods to increase the overall strength of the trap enclosure and prevent pigs from from escaping. JAGER PRO recommends using six each 18-60™ trap panels with the M.I.N.E.™ Gate to build a standard sized 35 foot diameter trap enclosure and secured to the ground and gate with star pickets.

Their flexibility offers a number of advantages over traditional rigid box traps and rigid cattle and horse panels. They can be weaved in around trees easily in the field and can absorb and redistribute pressure around the trap enclosure when under pressure from captured pigs. Due to their length than can be tricky to transport (we use a special purpose built 5m long off road trailer) however they can be easily cut in half to fit in an 8 x 5 trailer.

Remember though if you do this, more star pickets will be needed and the integrity of the enclosure will be reduced.

18-60™ Flexi Pig Trap Panel*

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