Funding Success for Pigs Might Fly 2
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Client: Desert Channels Queensland
Location: Longreach, QLD
Date: Apr to May 2011

Following on from the success of their first application for the Pigs Might Fly: An Aerial Group Baiting Program for Feral Pigs project, Desert Channels engaged Yarramine to design a supplementary project and prepare a funding application for the Australian Government's 2011-12 Caring for our Country Business Plan Open Call.


The project entitled Pigs Might Fly 2: A Supplementary Aerial Shooting Program for Feral Pigs involved three ten-day supplementary feral pig aerial shooting campaigns along the Diamantina and Barcoo Rivers and Cooper Creek to extend the existing project and reduce the threat of rebounding pig populations following favourable wet season conditions experienced the previous summer.


The Australian Government received 584 applications for the open call component of the Caring for our Country business plan 2011-12, of which 140 projects received funding, including this project.


Desert Channels was awarded $307,654 to undertake the supplementary campaign work.


The success of this application meant that within the space of a year Yarramine assisted the Regional NRM Body to receive $659 136 in funding to support their feral pig control efforts - a massive injection of funds to support a serious feral animal problem in what is a special and fragile part of Australia's landscape.