Roma Saleyards Truckwash Water Quality Sampling
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Client: Maranoa Regional Council
Location: Roma, QLD
Date: Aug 2014

Maranoa Regional Council is currently preparing plans to redevelop its existing truck wash facility located at the Roma Saleyards and as part of this planning work are considering reclaim and reuse options for wastewater.

To inform this planning Council enagaged Yarramine Environmental to investigate the current quality of the wash water being treated at the facility by an existing three stage settling pond system to determine a benchmark for water quality criteria of which the reclaim and reuse system will be developed around.

Specifically, Yarramine was enagaged to undertake the following activities:

  • Identify target water quality parameters of interest;
  • Collect three (3) water quality samples from the existing truck wash facility treatment system located at the Roma Saleyards;
  • Submit the samples collected to a collected to a NATA accredited laboratory for testing and analysis; and 
  • Prepare a brief report presenting the findings of the water quality analysis performed including a comparison to applicable water quality guidelines with reference to potential reclaim and reuse options and methodologies.