Funding Success for Pigs Might Fly
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Client: Desert Channels Queensland
Location: Longreach, QLD
Date: Mar to Apr 2010

In March 2010 Desert Channels Queensland engaged Yarramine Environmental to prepare a grant application for the Australian Government's 2010-11 Caring for our Country Business Plan Open Call for a feral pig control campaign.


Working with Desert Channels, Yarramine designed an aerial baiting program involving six campaigns over a two year period by groups of landholders along sections of the Diamantina and Barcoo Rivers, and Cooper Creek in central western Queensland and prepared and submitted the grant application on their behalf.


The project was cheekily titled Pigs Might Fly: An Aerial Group Baiting Program for Feral Pigs.


For the open call component of the 2010-11 CFoC Business Plan, the Australian Government received more than 600 applications, with only 125 projects nationwide receiving funding.


One of which was this project, with Desert Channels being awarded $351,482 to carry out the project.