African Lovegrass Incursion Investigation Survey
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Client: QGC
Location: Halliford, QLD
Date: July to August 2012

In August 2012, QGC engaged Yarramine to investigate, assess and report findings in relation to the possible importation of African Lovegrass by QGC and their contractors during the installation of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) infrastructure at Halliford Station. 


Halliford Station is situated approximately 40 kilometres south west of the regional centre of Dalby and is 618 hectares in size.  


Since installation questions had arisen concerning the import of African Lovegrass material and / or seeds onto the property as the genesis of an outbreak of African Lovegrass across extensive areas of the property.


Yarramine undertook the following scope of work for QGC as part of its incursion investigation:

  • Conduct a field survey of the entire property for African Lovegrass to determine its presence or otherwise;
  • Map the location and extent of any stands of African Lovegrass found during the survey;
  • Undertake an assessment of the age of any stands that may be found during the survey;
  • Examine the possible origin of any stands that may be found during the survey;
  • Determine suitable control and eradication measures that might be employed to manage any African Lovegrass infestations that might be found on the property; and
  • Prepare a report for QGC presenting the findings of the incursion investigation including mapping.