Have your say on draft environmental values & WQOs


You are invited to have your say on draft environmental values and water quality objectives for Queensland waters under the Environmental Protection (Water) Policy (EPP Water).

The Queensland Government has released draft consultation materials (reports, mapping) for a number of regions across Queensland including the Qld Murray-Darling and Bulloo Basins. These and an online survey/submission form are available from the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) website and via the Get Involved website.

The consultation materials are derived from local water quality information where available. Draft information is also being released for other Queensland regions. Refer to the EHP website for more details.

All feedback will be considered in the finalisation process. Final materials may (pending Government approval) be included in schedule 1 of the EPP Water.

The outcome of this consultation process will also inform the proposed review of existing minimum standards for water quality for urban development, stormwater management and other intensive land uses (such as sewage treatment plants) as detailed in the Enhancing reef regulations discussion paper. Environmental values define the uses of the water by aquatic ecosystems and for human uses (e.g. drinking water, irrigation, aquaculture, recreation). Water quality objectives (e.g. for nitrogen content, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, biological indicators), are derived to protect environmental values of the water. They are based on technically derived water quality guidelines.

For more information on the draft consultation materials, view the Ministerial Release.

Submissions close 31 May 2017.